Rahul Gandhi Attacks Centre Following India-China Face-off Says PM Should Speak ‘Truth’

Mumbai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi questioned the BJP-led government following East Ladakh over face-off with China, saying that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should tell the “truth” as many people were saying that China had expressed disagreement.

He also mentioned violent encounters with Chinese soldiers on 15–16 June and asked, “Who sent our brave soldiers without weapons and why?”

Gandhi, who posted a video on his Twitter handle, said that an important question arises about the developments in Ladakh.

“A few days ago, the Prime Minister said that no one inch of land has been taken by anyone, and no one has come inside India. But we are listening, people are saying, satellite images are showing, Ladakh Residents of the area are saying and retired army generals are saying that China has taken away our land has taken away land not just at one place but at three places,” Gandhi said.

He said, “Prime Minister, you have to tell the truth and tell the country. If you say that no land is taken and the truth is that it will be the benefit of China,” he said.

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He said that if China has infiltrated, then they need to be taken out and the government should talk about taking action.

“We have to fight them together and drive them out. You (Prime Minister Modi) have to speak the truth without any fear that yes China has taken the land and we are going to take action. The whole country stands with you,” he said.

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Congress President Sonia Gandhi had said on the very first day that the Center cannot escape its responsibility in the face of problems along the India-China border. He added that the Prime Minister says the defence and foreign affairs ministers “have not spoken of the large presence of Chinese troops and the numerous incursions by China”.

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