“Rahul Gandhi without his surname would not be district head” Union law Minister Ravi Shankar

Mumbai :  Union law Minister Ravi Shankar attacks Congress President Rahul Gandhi saying “Rahul Gandhi would not even have been a district head in the Congress if it were not for his last name.”

Speaking at Aaj Tak’s Panchayat Rajasthan he said “ Congress is an Old Party were Rahul Gandhi is in the post of President. Peoples like Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Patel have held the post before him and helped the party reach heights. But I can assure you if Rahul was not born into the Gandhi family, he would not have even been a zila head in the party’.

Moving ahead he also commented on the controversy which took place regarding to Rahhul’s gotra, he said as it was brought to the public domain and BJP just discussed that.

“In Rajasthan, he [Rahul] is Kaul Brahmin, in Gujarat, he was a Shiv bhakt. In India, all leaders are free to follow their faith but did you ever hear Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi or Jawaharlal Nehru having to resort to something like this? They [Gandhi] are only doing this because they are not able to talk about real issues.”

Accusing the Congress party Prasad said that coming from the well known family it doesn’t mean that you can run the government.

“Recently, a Congress leader said we know all about the five generations of Rahul Gandhi’s family but not about Modi, it shows what their beliefs are. Can the government only be run by a family or can the poor and the disenfranchised also access it?” Prasad asked.

BJP has helped individuals to rise from all the backgrounds “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inspired people to believe that you can beat poverty to become prime minister. We are proud to say that our leaders have started their careers as booth leaders and reached here through our work” Prasad added.

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