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Rejuvenate Your Body By Staying Hydrated Throughout The Day By These Tips

So due to coronavirus outbreak we all are quarantined for good 21 days. I don’t know how far this will go but one thing which I noticed today was, I am drinking less water as compared to which I usually drink in clinic hours.

Because in the clinic I have my personal water bottle which I fill and ensure that I drink that at least twice in my clinic timings.

So today I removed my bottle from my bag, filled it with water and kept it by my bedside so that my bottle will constantly remind me to drink water from it.

Staying hydrated is very important as the temperature is crossing 35 degrees daily.

So here I am sharing some ideas to stay hydrated.
1. I already discussed my bottle idea.
2. Add flavour to your water, you can add lemon, mint, orange to the water.
3. You can make sherbets like Shikanji, syrups (Roohafza), bael sherbet if it’s available.
4. For children, you can add electoral powder or tang so that they drink it with excitement.
5. If you have pulpy fruits you can make juices and consume.
6. Add buttermilk in your diet.
7. You may drink dal water or rice kanji.
8. Set reminders on your phone, you may take the help of apps. There are many.
9. Avoid binging on coffee, tea and alcohol as they will dehydrate your body.
10. Eat melons and citrus fruits as it contents a good amount of water.
Ensure you drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily.

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