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Relief From Tomorrow, No Heatwave For Next Four Days In Delhi: IMD

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Mumbai: Indian Meteorological Department senior scientist RK Jenamani said on Monday that the heatwave conditions prevailing in the national capital and other north Indian states will subside for the next four days from tomorrow.

Speaking to ANI, Jenamani said, “Yesterday’s summer was the worst. The peak is over. Today we are registering a drop of 3 to 4 degrees in Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh.”

“In Delhi, the maximum temperature is likely to be recorded at Safdarjung at 43 degrees Celsius. As the Western Disturbance advances, heatwave conditions will subside over a large area by tomorrow,” he said.

Describing the temperature in March this year as ‘unusual’, the scientist said the month recorded the highest all-India temperature in 122 years.

“In April, the third-highest temperature was recorded, but NW India remains the hottest in 122 years. In May, the first 10 days were good. So, I don’t think it’ll be very unusual this month,” he said.

The scientist however predicted, “If we look at the climate record of Safdarjung-Palam, the highest temperature ever recorded is more than 48 degrees Celsius and the highest in Safdarjung is 47.2 degrees Celsius. So, I don’t think anything extreme has come.”

“For the next 4 days from 17th May, there will be no heatwave in any area. From UP till 11th May, there was no significant heatwave except in West Rajasthan. It was mainly due to Cyclone Asani that the heatwave was suppressed but 12 To date, it intensified,” he said.

Noting that a peak was recorded in the national capital on May 13, 14 and 15, he said that some stations in Delhi also witnessed temperatures exceeding 45 degrees.

“We all know that the maximum temperature in Delhi on 13th, 14th and 15th was above 45 degrees. One of the two stations in Delhi namely Najafgarh and Mungeshpur recorded a maximum temperature of 49 degrees Celsius. They are urban stations and cannot even compare with other stations and records,” he said.

The scientist also told that the monsoon has reached the Andaman Sea and adjoining southeast Bay of Bengal today.

The scientist also informed the Monsoon has arrived in the Andaman sea and adjoining the southeast Bay of Bengal today.

“We have given Kerala predictions. It will be around 27 May. So, as per the progress, it is all monitoring. The very significantly east coast is not having any high temperatures,” he said.

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