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Relive A Myriad Of Memories Through A Modern Lens Only At Fabindia’s Relaunched GK-1 Store!

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Rooted in history and heritage, Fabindia’s legacy dates back to 61 resilient years. The brand’s very first store saw light in the lanes of GK-1, New Delhi in the year 1976, and is now relaunching in the very same market this September 2021 carrying within it a plethora of memories and a new outlook for its evolved fab community crossing generations.

Fabindia was first launched by John Bissell as a home furnishing company in the year 1960, primarily dealing in exporting goods. 16 years later, N-14, the brand’s first registered office transformed into its very first retail concept store! The store became known for retail in the 80s, carrying apparel varieties as well. The fervour of festivities always lingered within the walls of Fabindia; even then- occasions lead to an outpour of customers. Bundles and bundles were shopped while store managers stood back and marvelled at the bustle….till the shutters closed at 6 pm. Apart from the frenzy of buying, the store was a place of sheer joy; employees and customers created bonds that now carry on in the form of the Fab family. The artisans who worked at stores passed on their expertise- and their children carry forth the legacy through exceptional craftsmanship, staying tied to the brand for generations.

Staying rooted in tradition yet constantly evolving with the times and serving its customers and community, Fabindia is a brand both forward-thinking and timeless at the same time. Stemming from the ever-evolving universe of Fabindia but moulded in a whole new avatar, a new launch amidst the multiverse is FabNU: a multifaceted, fashion-forward and fresh perspective on modern India’s apparel and home style. The FabNU launch aims at celebrating the modern woman of today with an expansion into the Home category, marrying trends, colours, prints, styles, affordability and aesthetics to bring a youthful aura within the homes of its younger community.

While building laws lead the store to bid adieu in 2019, the special store is ready to open its doors once again in our much loved GK-1 market fondly known as “Fabindia Market”, becoming an ode to the old while celebrating the new. The space boasts a special FabNU floor, an alteration studio, as well as a fabcafé express counter for grabbing a coffee and light meal.

Right from laying the foundation to the beautiful facade with gorgeous terracotta tiles; set foot into the store and find yourself submerged into a reminiscent tale of where it all began through the 60-year-timeline wall. Witness a celebration of the maestros through the nail and thread artwork reflecting the faces of Fabindia’s precious artisans by the staircase. Find traces of Fabindia’s core values at every corner- be it the men’s bespoke corner, or through the placement of the loom inside the store. Framed hand blocks and fabric intricately worked upon displayed outside trial rooms enhance the beauty of the store- embedding within the space its core values and prestigious heritage.

Sharing her joy on the relaunch, Dipali Patwa Group Head | Brand, Community, Marketing Fabindia Group Of Companies said “At the heart of Delhi’s GK-1 market, I began my Master’s program in social impact led design, sustainability, artisan and craft connect and community building .. these were the late 90s and my first design studio was on top of the GK-1 Fabindia Store. But this one in GK-1 was special as this was the FIRST FABINDIA STORE. As a young designer, I was mesmerised by the beauty of Indian craft and the vision of Fabindia to connect the dots to the consumers, many of who are “our loyalists”. Fast forward to 2021, while the last 18 months have been challenging for all, Fabindia’s resilience once again paves the path towards the future. We are excited to relaunch in the GK-1 market fondly known as the “Fabindia Market” and cater to our loyalists as well as fab millennials and gen z who may have heard the stories of this special store which was the genesis of Fabindia retail”

Relive a myriad of memories through a modern lens only at Fabindia’s relaunched GK-1 store!

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