Responsiblity Is On Players To Manage Workload In IPL 2019

Mumbai: The Indian Premier League would be starting on March 23, followed by Would cup, May 30.
Captain Virat Kohli says that Indian players will have to manage their work smartly during the upcoming IPL because it will be their responsibility to be fit and fresh.

Kohli said that it is not that he is not committed to Indian players for his IPL teams, but is asking for smart and aware during the tournament.

Kohli said, “All the work will be monitored and a window will be given, the people who can relax. The World Cup comes in every four years and we play IPL every year,” Kohli scored the decisive fifth from 35 runs on Wednesday. Lost one-day matches 2-3 series for Australia

“Not to say we won’t be committed to the IPL but we’ve got to be smart. We have to work in balance and make smart decisions.

None of the guys in the change room is panicking. The support staff is not feeling down after this defeat because we knew things we wanted to do in these last three games,” Kohli said.

“The responsibility is on the player. No one will be forced to do something. Eventually, no one wants to miss the World Cup and cost the team good balance,” added Kohli.

“To be honest, it doesn’t feel like something off has happened because we have been playing such good cricket. The other team has really been more passionate and more energetic than us in the pressure moments. They’ve grabbed the crucial moments in the game better than us. They deserve to win.”

Kohli asserted that India is pretty sure about its playing XI, going into the showpiece ICC event.

“As a side, combination wise, we are pretty sorted. Maximum one change, you’ll get to see in the World Cup. As a side, we’re balanced,” he said.

Hardik Pandya will come back to the team. With him, there’s batting depth, and bowling option opens up. We know where we have to go as a combination. The XI is clear in our head. We just have to take better decisions in pressure situations to go far in the World Cup.”

Whoever gets a chance to play, we expect that guy to take responsibility and pressure. And hence you expose these guys to pressure situations where a series is on the line and you expect someone to step up. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,” the India skipper said.

But unless you try, you wouldn’t know. So, that’s exactly what we wanted to do in these games. From that point of view, you can analyse. I cannot breakdown who we expect to take the pressure in the World Cup. Unless the squad is announced, I cannot reveal.

“Being on the road for so many months does take a toll on you as a team. I’m not saying that’s an excuse because you’re expected to do that and be motivated to win every game you’re playing for the country,” he said.

From that point of view, I think all of us just deserve to go to the IPL and just enjoy these two months,” he said. Kohli said he was proud of India’s achievements in the “hectic” season and would like his players to enjoy the IPL now.

(With PTI Inputs)

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