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Restaurateur Navneet Kalra Shares Golden Tips On Managing Restaurant Inventory

There is no doubt in the trickiness of the times that the pandemic has presented the world with, especially when it comes to the restaurant business. While on one hand the lockdowns and other restrictions caused heavy losses, at the same time the shift from dining into getting food home delivered has presented restaurant owners with exciting new opportunities, keeping in mind the safety guidelines to curb the spread of disease.

However, pandemic or not, no one wants food prepared with stale ingredients, and neither does anyone like to hear that their favourite dish is out of stock. It is, therefore, imperative for restaurants to maintain their inventory in order to avoid wastage or shortage of any stock. But how does one effectively manage their restaurant’s inventory during such uncertain times? We talked to Delhi restaurateur Navneet Kalra for some suggestions.

Navneet Kalra, the owner of Khan Chacha and several other prominent restaurants in the national capital, lists the top 3 tips to effortlessly manage restaurant inventory. Want to know what those tips are? Scroll on to read more:

Tech to the rescue 

Maintaining restaurant inventories is a tricky business even during the most normal of times, especially when there are multiple locations to be managed. Add to that a supply chain problem, and you have got a recipe for disaster at your hands. According to Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra, investing in a cloud-based inventory management system can not only make things easier for you, but it can also ensure consistency by monitoring and predicting each location’s ingredient usage, and automatically reordering the supplies.

Preserving fresh produce

Fresh ingredients hold the essence of any recipe. No matter what scale does your restaurant run on, ensuring the availability of fresh ingredients is of utmost importance. But at a time when ingredient shortage has become most common, how can restaurants ensure the supply chain never breaks? The answer lies in effective preservation! “Be quick with processing your fresh produce into stackable items. Brining vegetables, drying up herbs and freezing minced meat are just some of the ways you can achieve that,” suggests Navneet Kalra.

Minimizing wastage

“When it comes to inventory management, what we usually focus on is avoiding the shortage of stock. What we tend to miss in the process is to avoid hoarding the supplies so as to minimize the wastage,” says Khan Chacha owner Navneet Kalra. According to him, restaurant businesses must always follow the ‘first in, first out rule while managing the stock inventory so as to prevent things from rotting and going to waste.

Did these tips help you in inventory management? Let us know your thoughts!

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