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Restrictions On Use Of Indian Air Space Eased; 3 Airports Bid For Operation And Maintenance On PPP Basis

Mumbai: While unveiling the fourth tranche of the stimulus 20 lakh crore package, Nirmala Sitharaman has stated that restrictions on the utilisation of Indian Air Space will be eased and 60% of Indian airspace will be freely available for civilian flying.

“Restrictions on the utilisation of Indian Air Space will be eased so that civilian flying becomes more efficient. Will bring a total benefit of Rs. 1000 crores per year for the aviation sector,” said Sitharaman while addressing the media.

Optimal utilisation of the Airspace will save time and there will also be a reduction in the fuel use. There will be a positive impact on the environment, she added.

While the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has awarded 3 airports out of 6 for operation and maintenance on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) basis. 6 more airports are identified for the second round of bidding, and through PPP there will be more world-class airports.

Additional investment by private players in 12 airports in first & second rounds expected around Rs 13,000 crores,” said Sitharaman.

In the third round, another 6 airports will be put out for bidding.

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