Richa Chadha To Feature In 90s Pulp Movies Calendar

Shakeela makers to launch a first of its kind 90s Movie calendar featuring Richa Chadha in 12 avatars!

Mumbai : Celebrity calendars are a great innovation especially when the biggest stars face the camera in the most interesting shots becoming iconic of sorts. But it would be the first time a movie will now have a dedicated fun calendar starring its central character that would be featured for the people to see and view.

The calendar will have Richa Chadha posing in fictionalised posters of movies inspired by the genre of the cheesiest films of the decade of the 90s. These posters are Emmay to be cheeky which would be equally hilarious and yet are induced with a great deal of thought as a homage to such films of those times.

Each of the months has Richa posing in a new avatar with a completely made up poster of a fictional movie name and elements thereafter.

The calendar will come with a warning to the consumers that each of these images and posters bears no resemblance to any real-life inspired people or any other actual films, they’re simply to be taken in light humour and enjoy the kitschy world of Shakeela from the late 90s.

Speaking about it, Richa said, “Even though our film is currently in post-production, we wanted to do something special ahead of the film’s release. The team thought we should pay this homage to Shakeela and the films that she has been a part of,”

“It’s quirky and tongue in cheek, so we are aware many people may not understand it. But there’s an underbelly to cinema and often is crazy and colourful. I hope people find the humour we did in this calendar and enjoy the world of these 90s pulp films” She added.

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