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Robotic Process Automation And Augmented Reality, The Game Changers In Modern Healthcare – Ashwani Kumar, VP Technology, Coforge

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The healthcare industry is one of the biggest and yet, rapidly expanding sectors in the world. The need, efficiency and importance of sophisticated healthcare have been exposed by the ongoing pandemic. The medical fraternity has been quite vocal about the shortcomings of the management and infrastructure of healthcare globally. The necessity for transforming the current situation is apparent.

Technology is the only tool with which it seems somewhat feasible to overhaul the entire ecosystem in the shortest possible time span. Automation, AI and Machine Learning are among the torch bearers in terms of the modern technologies that can carry the onus of enhancing almost all the parameters of functioning of healthcare around the world. Implementing these technologies in the real world is a company called Coforge. Under the able guidance of Ashwani Kumar, VP, Technology

at Coforge, the company has been actively supplying automation solutions to various businesses around the world. It has developed solutions implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Robotic Desktop Automation, Intelligent Workflow, Script-based automation. These could be adopted rather rapidly enabling a boost in productivity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Processes That Could Be Automated in Healthcare 

The main job that automation could oversee is anything that is repetitive in nature and doesn’t require human discretion or judgments. In any establishment, there are a plethora of administrative and data-related tasks that are repetitive. AI and Machine Learning are especially great with recording, managing, processing and analysing enormous amounts of data. Here are some specific areas where automation could be advantageous in the long term.

  • Administrative Tasks 

Health organisations rely heavily on scheduling appointments for specific patients with specialised doctors. There is a multitude of physicians from various fields that are needed by patients at any time. It could be quite a challenge to keep track of the calendars of the doctors, simultaneously attending to the emergencies of the patients. Robotic Process Automation could take care of such administrative tasks along with maintaining health records and scheduling appointments. The RPA bots, Chatbots, Voicebots, etc could manage large data and repetitive tasks, thereby reducing the human data errors tremendously.

  • IoT – Internet of Things 

Machine Learning and AI-powered portable devices are used to enhance the working of doctors in critical situations like surgeries and emergencies. For instance, such IoT-enabled devices could arrange a virtual consultation and check-up by a doctor even if the patient is thousands of miles away. Smart and connected equipment could communicate with each other in real-time offering the doctors instant stats to work with. Augmented Reality could be the game-changer in this space. There could be no better utilisation and justification of bringing the absolutely modern techniques into the medical profession than saving someone’s life.

  • Billing & Settling Insurance Claims 

Generating bills for the medication and other medical expenses is a quite straightforward task. We can afford to spare the time of a human being for this task. Not to mention, the possibility of inducing a human error would also be eliminated if we commence using automated software instead. The human workforce could be utilised in something more specific where human judgement or skills are required. Secondly, claiming insurance could also be handled by automation

technologies like AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to carry out tasks like recording data, policy renewal, policy issuance, policy endorsement changes, claims correspondence, etc.

Bringing in AI, Automation, Machine Learning and RPA could quite irrefutably lead to improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, increased accuracy, ease of data collection and processing, running detailed analysis, etc in the healthcare space, feels Ashwani Kumar. Healthcare is one sector where the incorporation of modern technologies leads directly to the well being of human beings.

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