Role Of Power Politics And Use Of Terrorism Influences Fast Transforming Structure Of States: Rajnath Singh Amid Afghanistan Crisis 

Mumbai: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh attended the convocation ceremony of the National Defense College on Saturday. During his speech, he stressed the ongoing turmoil in Afghanistan and said that ‘the role of power politics and the use of terrorism as a tool to change State structures and behaviour.’

“The recent events in Afghanistan have highlighted the reality of our times. The only certainty about evolving geopolitics is its uncertainty. Changes in state boundaries may not be as frequent today as they once were.” Rajnath Singh said.

He further added, “However, fast transforming structure of states & the influence that external powers can have on it is clearly evident. These events raise questions on very role of power politics & use of terrorism as a tool to change state structure & behaviour.”

The Minister also pointed out that even before the world realized, India has been speaking against the active support of Pakistan to the terror groups.

“There is growing realisation for what India has been voicing for long, with regard to active support of Pakistan to violent radical & terror groups,” says Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

He also praised the students who turned challenges into opportunities, despite Covid-19.

“Despite the pandemic, students turned challenges into opportunities… NDC plays a key role in fostering understanding of strategic affairs… we can facilitate your quest for gaining wisdom,” he added.

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan on August 15, two weeks before the US was set to complete its troop withdrawal after a costly two-decade war.

In a US-India Joint Leaders’ Statement issued after the first in-person bilateral meeting between US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House on Friday, the two leaders underscored the importance of combating terrorism in Afghanistan.

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