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Rosa L. Antonini Inspires With Her Book “The Zero-Sum Game of You”

She is a rising author who has put her heart and soul into writing the book with the aim to serve humanity

It takes years for some individuals to realize their dreams, while some others may realize their true purpose in life and start working quite early towards the same. To be a part of the latter category is no walk in the park as after realizing what the heart seeks, individuals need to go under the grind, hustle each day, and put in every possible effort to fulfil those dreams and visions.

We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such passionate author named Rosa L.
Antonini, who believed in her visions to serve humanity and thus wrote her book titled “The Zero-Sum Game of You.”

The much-talked-about book was released recently on 7th December 2021 and has so far received rave reviews and appreciation from readers. However, what has caught more attention is that Rosa L. Antonini has decided to donate 60% to create training programs so young adults can learn skills to get better jobs. Talking about her journey, Rosa says that she is the first generation in her family to go to college. She graduated as a Pharmacist in the Dominican Republic and later also became a Software Engineer with a master’s degree in Information systems in the US, for which she thanks her parents, especially her mother.

Through her journey so far in life, Rosa L. Antonini faced many struggles and hard times; however, her resilience and a strong mental fortitude were her companions, which kept her going. As she saw how many go through such ups and downs in life, she decided to put across her thoughts through her book, which made her realize her true purpose. She mentions that this book has been written from pure inspiration, love, and caring for humanity. As a software engineer, she loves to architect and design data solutions during her daily work.

In her book, Rosa L. Antonini has shared a combination of experiences from metaphysics and software engineering that creates a unique recipe to find self-fulfilment, happiness, and success. For helping people on a large scale, becoming an author gave the answer to her lifelong quest. On a parting shot, she says, “This book will enable the readers to see their lives as spectators. This way, they will be better equipped to make decisions and own their outcome while increasing their life’s fulfilment”.

Know more about her now through, www.rosaantonini.com
Follow her on Instagram : author.lopezanton

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