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Rowhi Rai: On Her Way To Becoming The Next Big Thing In Social Media And Entertainment

She has explored social media to its core and is now eyeing to make it big on television

For decades, television has played a major role in our lives, allowing us to connect with friends and family, learn about the world around us, and explore new ideas. But recently, social media has taken the world by storm and has started to have an impact on the way we watch and interact with the world around us. There’s no denying the fact that social media has become an integral part of people’s viewing experience. This has given a massive push to social media icons who are becoming increasingly popular by the day, with some even looking for better avenues like television and films. Here we speak about one such social media personality who after setting the digital world ablaze, is now planning to step into the world of television. She is Rowhi Rai.

Rowhi has quickly become an essential part of the social media experience as she has been providing engaging content since long, which has won her a humongous following in a short span of time. She has used her popularity in an effective way which has helped her keep viewers engaged and connected. Her ever growing popularity got her noticed by the television industry, which landed her a couple of assignments in shows like “MTV Love School Season 4 (2019)” and “MTV Ace the Quarantine”. Interestingly, she will soon be seen in an upcoming Netflix Show “Social Currency”, which is scheduled for release shortly.

Rowhi started her journey with Musica.ly which was later turned to TikTok. Initially starting off with vines, which got her an unbelievable response from the viewers, she went ahead to create more content which got her wide exposure, ultimately landing her plum projects with big brands. She says that her aim now is to crack big television shows which would help her gain a strong foothold in the entertainment industry. The pace at which she is moving forward, there’s no doubt that she will achieve her goals soon, and make an impact through her work.

Follow her on Instagram @rowhi_rai.

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