“Scrapping Article 370 Is Internal Matter Pakistan Should Stay Out Of This,” Raveesh Kumar

Mumbai: On Friday India adviced its neighbouring country Pakistan that scraping Article 370 is an internal matter country and they should not interfere in this matter.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that Pakistan’s move was regrettable in view of Article 370 of the government, which is clear that action by Pakistan is one-sided.

Kumar said, “The action taken by Pakistan is one-sided. No advice has been taken from us. Whether it is Samjhauta Express, business relations been done without consulting us. We have requested them to reconsider these decisions.”

“Our feeling is that whatever is being done by Pakistan is meant to present a dangerous tone in bilateral relations, which is going to be something big, but it is not,” he said.

Citing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address broadcast from Thursday, Kumar pointed out the benefits of the move. He said, “We have highlighted the benefits of abrogating Article 370. It will promote good governance, healthcare, livelihood and prospects for all the people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Kumar said that Pakistan’s move indicated panic, as he felt that the people of Jammu and Kashmir would now clarify their stand on Kashmir issue for a long time. “They will not be able to support terrorism, they will not be able to influence people,” he said.

Kumar said, “We want Pakistan to understand that the decisions they have made are unilateral. I think it is clear that the pain in Pakistan’s worrisome situation and issues related to India’s internal affairs did not succeed either.”

Earlier, after Indian government scrapped Article 370 which provided special status to the Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan suspended Samjhauta Express train services, banned Indian films also ended the business relations.

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