Shivangi Verma: Firm on Fitness, Focused on Future Projects

Mumbai: Actress Shivangi Verma, well known for her roles in popular TV shows such as “Choti Sarrdaarni,” “Reporters,” and “Bhootu,” has recently made a resolute decision regarding her career and physical health. After undergoing a significant weight transformation for a South Indian film project, she is now adamant about not altering her weight for any future roles.

Shivangi’s journey from 69 to 59 kilos was marked by dedication and hard work over the course of a year, guided by her dietitian and a strict workout regimen.

“I managed it somehow. It literally took me, like one year, from 69 to 59. Thanks to my dietitian, I think I was pretty focused. My workout was on point, which is why I was able to achieve this,” she shared.

Having achieved her desired weight, Shivangi is clear about her future stance on weight gain for roles. “Now, I will never gain weight for any project. I’m going to let go of the project, even if I have to,” she asserted.

When asked about her key strategies for losing weight, Shivangi emphasized the importance of a proper diet, regular workouts, and unwavering willpower. “You need to literally have control over your tongue because your tongue is something that decides how much weight you put on or lose. You need to keep a check on your tongue. Only then things are going to be possible,” she explained.

Shivangi’s determination stems from her commitment to her career and personal growth. “In losing weight, there’s no inspiration. It’s just that if you’ve come all the way, leaving your city and your parents; you cannot let something as trivial as weight and taste of food come in the way of your work. This is how I inspire myself,” she said.

Looking ahead, Shivangi Verma is set to make her OTT debut with Atrangii’s upcoming musical love story, featuring alongside Sehban Azim and Deepshikha Nagpal. This project is highly anticipated, with the actress expressing excitement about the emotional depth and intensity of the storyline​

Additionally, Shivangi will be seen in the investigative police drama “Control Room,” where she plays a forensic expert named Nazneen. This role marks her collaboration with Beyond Dreams, a production house she has long admired. “I always wanted to be associated with Beyond Dreams, and this is my first project with them. I am very happy with the production house as they are organized and professional,” she mentioned​.

With these diverse and challenging roles, Shivangi Verma continues to carve a unique path in the entertainment industry, balancing her professional commitments with a steadfast approach to her health and fitness.

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