Signing Of BECA Was Significant In India-US Bilateral Defence Relations: Rajnath Singh

Mumbai: The signing of the Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA) during the 2 + 2 Ministerial Dialogue was an important step in bilateral defense relations between India and the US, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said here on Tuesday.

Speaking at a joint press conference after the 2 + 2 meeting, the defense minister said that in the two-day meeting, “we explored the potential capacity building and other joint cooperation activities in third countries.”

He said, “Our military is making very good progress. In the two-day meeting, we explored the potential capacity building and other joint cooperation activities in our neighborhood and beyond in third countries.”

He continued, “During today’s meeting, we broadly discussed key aspects of our bilateral and multilateral cooperation. The key challenges we faced were rapid economic recovery and development, epidemic prevention, re-creating global Supply chains and their related issues were needed. Gave clear priority in our discussion. ”

Speaking further on the discussions that took place during the 2 + 2 meeting, Rajnath Singh said, “In our meeting, we shared an assessment of the security situation in the Indo-Pacific. In that process, we reaffirmed our commitment to peace, stability. Confirms. And the prosperity of all the countries of the region.”

“Our defense cooperation aims to fulfill these objectives. Both sides welcomed Australia to participate in the upcoming Malabar exercise. We appreciate Secretary Pompeo’s visit to Arizona in India. We had a very constructive dialogue and we Will continue to work further. Defense, security, and other areas, “he said.

2 + 2 Indo-US Ministerial Dialogue was held between US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo and US Secretary of Defense Mark Osho and Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

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