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Situation Under Control, Govt Prepared To Tackle Coronavirus Outbreak, Assures CM Kejriwal

Mumbai: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal assured the people of the capital that all arrangements have been made to deal with the outbreak of coronavirus and the situation is under control.

“We are reviewing the situation daily. Things are slowly getting smooth. As I discussed with you in the morning that a team of doctors has made a detailed report, the entire plan has been made. We are confident that the situation in Delhi is very much under control,” he said while addressing a joint presser here.

However, the Chief Minister cautioned that they cannot sit idle and instead have to be prepared from the experience of other countries where the virus spreads quickly.

“But we cannot sit idle and we have to be prepared to learn from the experience of other countries where it spreads rapidly. If it spreads in Delhi, are we ready? For the preparation, we have prepared five doctors The team was formed. We have made complete preparations based on the report submitted by the team. Suppose that cases increase by 100 500, or 1000 in a day, although we hope that does not happen, if it does, we are ready for it as well. We are not saying that matters will increase, we are just preparing ourselves for any eventuality, ”the Chief Minister said.

We have arranged test kits, ambulances, ICU beds and we are making arrangements for PPE, he said.
The Chief Minister requested the people not to go to Delhi as arrangements have been made to feed them.
“From today onwards, we have made arrangements to feed 2 lakh people. There may be a slight problem. I would not say that all the arrangements are correct. I request those who are leaving Delhi not to leave Delhi. We are making arrangements to feed them. Government, other religious and social organisations are also doing it,” he said.

The Chief Minister further informed that the pension of eight lakh people has been deposited in their bank accounts.

He said, “The pension of eight lakh people has reached their account. 5,000 rupees have already been deposited. In the first week of April, more than 5,000 rupees will be deposited. We need your support and I am sure that we Will counter coronavirus

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