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So What Type Of Your Hunger Is !

One way to practice mindful eating is to know whether you are really hungry? Ask yourself “Am I really hungry?”

Now what’s this real hunger I am talking about? Or How one can question oneself about being hungry ? Did these questions crossed your mind ?

Let’s see how many types of hungers are there.

  • Eye hunger- 

Now imagine you are scrolling your facebook news feed and suddenly appears a picture or video of some delicious mouthwatering food. Do you feel like having it ? Yes ? It is known as eye hunger. When the hunger is triggered by food that you see . Be it a picture in magazine or anyone eating near you.

  • Nose hunger-  

As the name indicates, the smell from the kitchen where your mom is making delicious biryani or frying hot pakodas immediately you start feeling hungry, right? This is nose hunger.

  • Ear hunger- 

Listening to a foodie friend who is talking non stop about a restaurant and mentioning tasty recipes, (Eg-There is an amazing cafe near my house they serve amazing cheese pizza,you must try) may also lead to hunger.

  • Mouth hunger- 

This hunger is completely your tongue’s fault. Your tongue craving for a specific taste or flavour for instance “I want to have some thing spicy now, let’s have pani puri ?”

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  • Emotional hunger- 

You must have notice others or yourself, when you feel low or upset about not doing great in semesters they must be eating too much. For me I feel better when I have my favourite dark chocolate (the one with 55% dark chocolate, 95% is too bitter for me)

  • Cellular hunger- 

Cellular hunger is what actually your body needs at that particular point of time.

If you are craving for sugar may be your body is low on energy and wants it. If your body cells are dehydrated you will feel thirsty. Your body can demand different things at different time. Imagine someone suffering from malaria and lying in a hospital bed, I said imagine..:) Will he demand for paneer masala from hotel or some light khichdi (homemade) 

  • Stomach hunger- 

Amongst all the other hungers, this one is the natural, physical, biological hunger. Ever heard your stomach growling like grrrrrrrrrr, or giving sensation of emptiness (ahh not that song) or slight pain in abdomen area? And the moment you eat you are back to your comfort zone. This is also known as physical hunger.

Did you all know about these hungers? Well initially even I was unaware so it’s ok *wink* 

If you think your hunger is cellular or physical, focus on it. If your hunger is associated with cravings or senses(eye,nose,tongue,ear) this is temporary. You can avoid it. Direct your hunger when there is actual requirement of food. For this you need to observe, ask, notice and then decide accordingly.

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