Sonakshi Sinha’s Campaign ‘Ab Bas Prompts Action Against Harasser, Cyber Mumbai Crime Branch Arrest One

Mumbai: Sonakshi Sinha has always been vocal about her opinions on online abuse and making social media a safe avenue for all. Recently after being subjected to extreme negativity, Sonakshi Sinha in association with Mission Josh had launched a campaign called Ab Bas to spread awareness on cybersecurity, the impact of online harassment, and legal options to deal with perpetrators. 

Sonakshi recently opened her comments section on Instagram and urged all to refrain from any sort of harassment, but despite multiple appeals, some users continued to abuse and threaten her. Post this, Mission Josh and Ritesh Bhatia from Cyber Baap helped in identifying the harassers and Sonakshi Sinha’s team approached Cyber Crime Branch Mumbai and FIR was filed against the perpetrators on 14th August. Earlier today, 27-year-old Shashikant Jadhav from Aurangabad was arrested. Jadhav had not only been harassing Sonakshi but many others and action against other perpetrators are underway too. 

Speaking on the developments, Sonakshi Sinha  “I am immensely grateful to cybercrime branch Mumbai for taking prompt action and being so supportive. I took this step to report the culprits so that even others gather the courage to do the same. Ab Bas, we will not watch and allow online abuse to happen to us or others. I am extremely glad to be part of a campaign like this to help as many people as I can, who have been subjected to online harassment.”

Mansi and Vinav, founders of Mission Josh said, “We at Mission Josh believe in awareness with action. As the world is becoming more and more digital it’s important that we all become more responsible for what we see and do online. Watching someone abuse and not doing anything about it is equally wrong be it offline or online. So, let’s work together and make the online world safer for children as well as women and men both.”

Amit Tuli, a member of Sonakshi Sinha’s team who initiated the proceedings said, “Our aim was to ensure the conversation around harassment translates into action so that it deters many others. Today it’s the celebrities being threatened, tomorrow it could be any of us, and this chain needs to be broken.”

Mumbai Cyber Crime Branch has been working for Women’s safety to curb online harassment for women and girls and wants to encourage more women and children to step forward instead of hesitating. Dr. Rashmi Karandikar, DCP of Mumbai Cyber Crime Branch said, “We have arrested the accused. Mumbai police cyber cell continues to play a role in making the internet a safe place. Also, women’s safety has always been our priority. Cyberbullying and cyberstalking is a punishable offense. And we all should work in the direction of making the internet safe for all”.

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