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Sonia Gandhi Writes To PM Modi, Seeks Emergency Welfare Measures For Construction Workers

Mumbai: Congress President Sonia Gandhi has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to implement “emergency welfare measures” for construction sector workers.

In a letter to Prime Minister Modi on Monday, referring to the “extraordinary situation” caused by COVID-19, Gandhi urged him to consider advising the State Building and Other Construction Worker’s Welfare Boards to roll out emergency welfare measures, particularly wage support, to the construction workers who are in distress.”

“We are in the midst of the worst global epidemic. It has required stringent measures for the control and management of COVID-19 transmissions. These measures have caused macroeconomic disruptions, which had a debilitating effect on the informal sector,” Gandhi said in a letter.

The Congress president said that many countries around the world, most notably Canada, have announced wage subsidy measures as a part of their COVID-19 Economic Response Plan.

In the letter, Gandhi mentions that during the past week, millions of migrant workers have left for their hometowns and villages in major cities across India in fear of prolonged economic recession.

“As the second-largest employer in India, over 44 million construction workers are now facing an uncertain future. Many are stranded in cities and deprived of their livelihood due to stringent lockout measures,” she said.

According to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the total positive coronavirus cases in the country have reached 482.

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