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Space-e-fic, Bringing The Science Of Space To The Forefront

In the present scenario, we regularly see and feel the advancements made in space technology, showcasing exceptional progress towards the betterment of the world.  Every year,  the field of ‘Space-Tech’ is progressing by leaps and bounds, opening up a diverse world of opportunities and challenges for the upcoming generations. Space development and innovation drive workforces of diverse men and women ready to adopt the path of science.

Through exploration of a new environment and consolidation of relevant knowledge in the field, what follows is a bewildering plethora of opportunities and platforms that are offering career options in space science and astronomy. This is where Space-e-fic comes in, a one-of-a-kind e-platform that offers an education-resource library curated to make teaching science and astronomy approachable, fun and interactive. Each module includes easy to digest information on a specific topic, followed by related innovative STEM-based activities to ensure that the quality of learning is never compromised.

Inventing pioneering methodologies to create a balanced and intellectual community

An online learning platform for all ages, Space-e-fic is developed by a team of educationists, science communicators and astronomers depicting innovation, passion and total commitment towards spreading the knowledge of astronomy and space sciences to the masses. Implementing astronomy and a space science curriculum into the Indian education system, every project in Space-e-Fic is an opportunity for children to be part of and create an intelligent and analytical global community. They have successfully developed a variety of astronomy and space science educational concepts through astronomy projects, e-sessions, tutorials and course modules based on school and college curriculum, catering to the Space-Ed needs of schools & students in India.

Exploring the future to bring valuable answers to burning questions

Space-e-fic was founded by Agniva Das and Akash Debnath, respective alumni of the IITs of Bhubaneswar and Kharagpur. Launched a few months ago, the startup received its angel funding under the patronage of Vineet Gupta- chairman of Benchmark Infotech and has already impacted more than 10,000 students all over India while engaging twenty-plus experts from ISRO, IITs’ and other premier research institutions in a free-for-all online sessions

Referring to the venture, the founders Agniva and Akash share how “Technology is an ever-growing field and thus it encourages individuals who are focused and curious, to learn techniques that will uplift the emerging generation in the coming years. Youngsters are inclined towards learning, just as Space-E-fic is inclined towards providing the right set of opportunities at the right time.”

Changing methods to change future

Sticking to the STEM-based curriculum, here you will not only learn how a rocket flies, but also how to build one with significant payload capacity through various engaging activities. The courses offered are designed to facilitate one’s knowledge and practical learning of Astronomy, Cosmology and Rocket science. Additional discounts are offered to ensure cost-effective, affordable yet world-class learning for students so that they can utilize their hidden potential and shape their futures.

Space-e-fic has succeeded in enhancing the technology and tools to ensure the overall growth of the leading firm. A bold, nationwide initiative towards re-defining education, Space-e-fic has firmly established itself as one of the leading platforms in the Space-Ed domain. The firm takes pride in raising the standard of innovative minds, utilizing a technical approach and a pro-active workflow, and continuously working towards sparking imagination and igniting curiosity. That is their mantra, to inspire the upcoming generations to contribute towards scientific success.

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