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Spokesperson Of Afghanistan’s Resistance Front Fahim Dashti Killed In Panjshir

Kabul: Fahim Dashti, a spokesman of Afghanistan’s Resistance Front and a well-known journalist, was killed in Panjshir province on Sunday. Another senior member of Resistance Front, General Abdul Wudod Zara was also killed during the standoff with Taliban.

According to open source information, Dashti was a member of the Jamiat-e-Islami party. Khama Press reported that he was also a member of the Federation of Afghan Journalists. The Taliban have not been able to enter the Panjshir Valley, 90 miles north of Kabul.

The development comes after the ongoing war in Panjshir province since Friday night and there are reports that the valley may collapse soon. However, resistance forces denied such claims, The Khama Press reported.

In another recent development, Ahmed Masood, leader of resistance forces in Afghanistan’s northeastern province of Panjshir, said on Sunday that resistance forces are ready to stop fighting and resume talks if the Taliban leave the province, Sputnik reported on Sunday.

Massoud also added that the National Resistance Front is committed to peacefully resolving differences with the Taliban in accordance with the principles of religion and morality.

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