State Of Economy And Unemployment Are The Biggest Challenge In The Country Today: Supriya Sule

Mumbai: Speaking in Lok Sabha today, Nationalist Congress Party leader Supriya Sule said that the biggest challenge in the country in the current situation is the state of economy and unemployment. 

Further, she added that the Centre is not talking extensively about either of the two concerns.

The monsoon session 2020 of Parliament commenced today.

“I think the biggest challenge in the country right now is the state of the economy and unemployment. I think the first day, what should be debated in Parliament today, are the challenges of the state of the economy, the pandemic and unemployment.”

“It is a global scenario and we are not the only country to go through it. But it should be the priority of the government.  I don’t see this government at the Centre talking extensively about either the economy or unemployment challenges. We should put it on priority,” said Sule.

This is the first Parliament session being held amidst the COVID-19 epidemic. All safety measures have been introduced to conduct the session as per the health guidelines between COVID-19.

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