‘Stubborn’ Govt Responsible For Blocked Roads, Not Farmers: Rakesh Tikait

The Supreme Court on Thursday has said that the farmers have the right to protest but they cannot block the roads indefinitely

Mumbai: After the Supreme Court observed that “farmers have the right to protest but they cannot keep roads blocked indefinitely”, BKU leader Rakesh Tikait said that the government is responsible for the blocked roads.

“Farmers are here only, nobody is leaving. We don’t know who is or isn’t running Twitter,” Tikait told The Quint, on being asked if farmers are leaving the site. Also Read: Farmers Have Right To Protest But Not To Block Roads: Supreme Court To Farmers Union

Tikait ‘agreed’ that the long blockades are a problem but said that they haven’t blocked the routes and pointed to police barricades. He stated that “Modi Sarkar rasta kholo” written on the barricades are responsible for the blocked roads.

“11 months ago, when we came here, we came to go to Delhi, but we were stopped. Now we are sitting here,” Tiktait said while referring to their own tents being removed.

He added that the farmers will see whether they can go to Delhi only once the barricades are removed.

On being asked if to deliver the message to the government, controversies are necessary, Tikait said, “No, we are only looking for a solution. From struggle to the solution, our agitation will continue.”

Tikait further lashed out at the Central government saying, “The government is stubborn; they’re not agreeing to our demands.” roughly translated from (Sarkar kedi hai, maan nahi rahi.)

The Supreme Court on Thursday had said that the farmers have the right to protest but they cannot block the roads indefinitely.

Farmers had gathered at the borders of the national capital in November 2020, as they protest against the farm laws introduced by the Centre. Since then, they have been protesting on the highways as part of their resistance.

There have been several rounds of talks between the farmer leaders and the Centre but the impasse remains.

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