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Successful High-College Dropout Rajatkumar Dani, the 21 year old Researcher, Entrepreneur & Chairman of The Dani Groups Is Donating Parts Of His Revenue To Charities

Mumbai: Rajatkumar Dani, the 21-year-old entrepreneur, who is mainly known due to his Research of Fundamental understanding of Universe, Book “Cosmagen” and businesses and his 8th worldwide research Papers submitted at such a young age.

Rajatkumar Dani, a 21-year-old Entrepreneur, Research, Author, Karmaveer Chakra Awardee and Youngest Padma Shri Nominee has been inspiring every youngster to achieve something big in life. On realizing his passion, he decided to drop out of his Bachelors of Physics in the first year in order to focus on his dream work.

Rajatkumar Dani followed his passion for Exploring the universe and Build his Empire he started a Space Research firm named as “COSMAGEN” and from all over the world people want to work with him. And his passion and decision help to build world smallest and lightest Satellite “HawkSat” which is 29 gram 3 cm cubic in size. In today’s time, he is receiving an excellent response to his work and his guest talk on his life journey is getting popular across the world. Rajatkumar dani also appeared to be in the popular TV news, UCN news, Gaon majha, Vidharbh Media etc.

He decided to quit college after his first year in College. The reason behind this was because he saw a potential that he could make it big in the world.

Dropping out of college was one of the best decisions Dani made. He himself said that college wasn’t educating him in the required way. That means he knew from the start that he was going to work in the Research world as an entrepreneur. As soon as he dropped out, he focused on his business. Soon his earning was in six figures, which is a dream come true for guys his age. Rajatkumar Dani is also a Content Writer who produces content on Forbes, Entrepreneur etc. It isn’t a big surprise that his PR company have more than 1 Crore business. This happened in just a short span of time.

“I originally started donating to charity because one good friend of mine had cancer and I saw how well they took care of her and I wanted others with cancer to be treated the same way and eventually to get better,” says Dani in an interview with us. That’s when Dani figured out that macmillan cancer support offered exactly what he wanted.

Dani is also donating to Suicide Prevention Foundation Inc since he studied a report which showed him that suicide rates have sharply increased by nearly 25% in the last two decades, that’s why he wanted to be helpful in this field as much as he could, he says.

Dani is also aware of the other issues on the planet like poverty problems, which is estimated around 1 billion people live in poverty and environmental problems like global warming, etc. He has also promised himself as long as he is alive on this planet, he will do all he can to change the world in a better way.

He claims that we must stay together and care enough for the world to change in a positive way. Dani encourages young entrepreneurs to donate to charity as well as being kind to one another.

Helping people and society he want to open Foundations for everyone. He wants to work for all categories of people and animals.

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