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India needs to be independent, impartial, non-clean, and questioning journalism as it faces many crises in health, economy, and defense. But the news media is in a crisis of its own. There have been brutal layoffs and pay cuts. The best of journalism is shrinking, yielding to crude prime-time spectacle.

Media has tripled in size in today’s fast-paced digitalized world. Keeping up with the competition can be a task. Our main aim is to provide our readers with the best of content and information with utmost authenticity and to continue serving you, our journalism is, and will always be, free for everyone. However, we do need your support to survive – and thrive! – in the coming months and years.

Your small contribution in any term would help and motivate us to work with more compassion and zest. However, this is not a donation. We are asking you to voluntarily pay for what you have already read or consumed.

The Prevalent India has the finest young reporters editors working for it. It also invests inaccurate field reporting and believes that it is the soul of good journalism. Our reporters are sharp, enterprising, and brave.

Such journalism needs support from good people. Like you. We hope you will see value in paying for what you read, hear and watch. We are, meanwhile, building a bouquet of subscriber benefits too. At The Prevalent India, we thank you for your trust.


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