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Supreme Court Asks Political Parties To Submit Donation’s Detail By May 30 To ECI

Mumbai: On Friday, the Supreme Court (SC) stated to all political parties to seal cover the details of donations received through election bonds and submit to the Election Commission of India (ECI).

The top court also asked to submit the details of donors with respect to the amount received through the bond. The benchmark to submit it till the last month of election by May 30

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi passed the order on a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) which was filed by NGO Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) and CPI(M).

Solicitor Jagdish Chokkar said to media, “This is not a final judgement but an interim order. The SC has asked to submit details of donation and submit it to The ECI with sealed cover. 15 May will be the last date to purchase the election bond and every political party has to submit the details of bond 30th May so that ECI will keep the details with it.”

The NGO requested to halt the electoral bonds system or either make it obligatory to disclose the name of those who are in the deal so that to make it crystal clear in political funding.

On Wednesday dated 10th April, The ECI told SC that it was not countering the issuance of electoral bonds in the funding of political parties but was against of namelessness of the donors as it wanted transparency in the bond scheme.

The Centre had filed an affidavit in the case saying ‘positive step’ to electoral bonds to pursue ‘accountability and transparency’ for contesting elections.

It said that the bonds were brought to light so that to overcome the hazard of corruption in elections.

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