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Swedish Life Sciences Delegation Participates In CII’s Life Science Conclave

Presenting for the very first time in India –Swedish Life Sciences exhibition at CII’s Life Sciences Conclave

Mumbai: India and Sweden had signed MoU since 2009 aiming to promote bilateral cooperation in the area of health care and public health, with a focus on 12 identified areas of mutual interest. It has been 10-years since the signing of the MOU between the two governments where the joint working group has been instrumental in prioritizing areas of mutual interest and to implement solutions. On 17th September, Mr Niclas Jacobson, Deputy Director- General and Head of the Division for EU and International Affairs (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs) inaugurated CII’s Life Sciences Conclave on Tuesday, 17 September at The Lalit Hotel. He for the very first time presented the Swedish Life Science exhibition developed by Swedish Institute.

Mr. Niclas Jacobson, Deputy Director- General and Head of the Division for EU and International Affairs (Ministry of Health and Social Affairs) shared, “The MOU signed between the two countries has enabled Swedish and Indian organizations to work together to create a conducive environment for technology sharing and coming up with innovative healthcare solutions in India. We are now taking stock of the experiences gathered the last ten years and are developing and deepening our cooperation for the future”.

Anna Lekvall, Consul General of Sweden further added, “Historically, ties between India and Sweden have been strong in the healthcare sector. Key innovations, new treatment solutions have always been at the forefront of healthcare knowledge sharing between the two countries.”

The Swedish Life Science exhibition showcases, Sweden’s expertise in precision radiation medicine, bio-inks, biological tissues and experience biking.

Since the signing of the MoU, Swedish and Indian health ministers and several high-level officials have had exchange visits between the two countries and last February the Swedish Minister of Health visited Delhi and Rajasthan together with a large delegation of government officials, academy and industry. The Joint Working Group for coordination of activities under the MoU has so far met ten times to discuss prioritized areas of mutual interest and its implementation

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