T20 Is A Format Were New Players Can Be Tried: Rohit Sharma

Mumbai: India is all set to take on Bangladesh in the second T20 after host lost against visitors Rohit Sharma and his team will be looking to level the series in three matches t20 series.

Meanwhile, team captain Rohit Sharma, while talking about the youth, said that T20 cricket was one in which emerging players can be tried and they started with it before going into ODIs and Tests.

“This is the format where we are trying a lot of players. Key players are not involved (in this series) so we are trying young players who are sitting on the fringe. This is one of the reasons, because of other formats. In. We have the entire team when Rohit said why the Indian team was not successful in T20 as compared to ODIs and Tests.

Rohit emphasized that the team wants to try different players in the T20 format as they can “express themselves and be ready for the ODIs and Tests”.

Rohit said, “This is the format in which you can try (new players) and there is nothing wrong in doing so. We have seen many players who have come out of this format, who have played in ODIs and Test formats. ” Said here on Thursday on the eve of the second T20 International against Bangladesh.

He said, “We want our bench strength to be strong. This is probably the reason you field so many new people and play.”

Notably, India has not much record in T20s as compared to ODIs and Tests. Last T20 match India won was in 2018 against West Indies,  after that, they were beaten by Australia and later drew 1-1 with South Africa.

Even in the ongoing three-match series against Bangladesh, the hosts trail 0-1.

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