Tailer Of “NOBEL PEACE,” The Winner Of Best Film (Jury) Award At The 10th Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival 2020, Out Now On YouTube

Mumbai: Mr. O.P Rai, Managing Director of Kala Niketan Entertainment India has been engaged in the business of entertainment for decades. Producing films, Music videos in various languages and even promoting all sorts of entertainment activities in India under Kala Niketan Entertainment banner.

“The idea is very relevant and realistic in Jammu and Kashmir. This film is specially made to focus on the social issues, which the youth over there deals with, and to take it to the masses. We are expecting it to release on a reputed OTT platform,” said OP Rai.

OP Rai is known to pick up relevant projects that connect with the hearts & souls of the viewers. He mentions the film being shot on location which makes it unique. “I heard the script of Nobel Peace and the credit also goes to the Director. It was exciting as we were shooting in real locations and traveling every day,” he mentions with a smile.

Alok Rai and Aina Rai who also happen to be the producers of this film are unveiled the official trailer of the movie on YouTube. They both are US-based Indians who wish to serve their motherland with value-based entertainment. Astik Dalai is a filmmaker with 16 plus years of experience in the field of cinema. He has directed research-based documentaries, docudramas to music videos and this is his first feature film in Hindi.

The film Nobel Peace is about the journey of young boy Hayan Mir under the able guidance of a college professor Shlok Manhaas to eradicate hatred from the hearts of religiously biased individuals and to bring peace in society.

The film’s cast comprises Hiten Tejwani who is a well-known name in the entertainment industry and always known for his ability to act intensely. Here in this film too, he plays the role of the visionary professor, Mudasir Zafar plays the role of the young boy Hayan Mir who without fear attempts to propagate peace despite opposition from the society.

The Film is getting a very good response from festivals around the globe for its wonderful storytelling, realist performances, and overall making. The star cast consists of actors like Mayur Mehta, Aarti Sharma, and Rohit Raj also.

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