Taliban Declares National Holiday To Mark 1 Yr Since Return Ro Power

Mumbai: Taliban has declared a national holiday on Monday to mark the first anniversary of its return to power in Afghanistan.

Exactly a year earlier, radical Islamists occupied Kabul when a statewide lightning strike against government forces ended 20 years of US-led military operations.

“We have fulfilled the obligation of jihad and liberated our country,” said Niamtullah Hekmat, a fighter who attacked Kabul on August 15, last year, only hours after then-President Ashraf Ghani departed the country.

Foreign troops continued to move randomly until August 31, with thousands of Afghans arriving at Kabul’s airport in hopes of being evacuated from Afghanistan.

Television around the world showed images of demonstrators rolling down runways, leaping over airports, and some clinging to US military cargo jets.

Officials have yet to announce a formal commemoration of the anniversary, although state television has said it will hold special events.

Taliban warriors, on the other hand, expressed happiness that their organization is now under control, despite the fact that relief agencies estimate that half of the country’s 38 million residents live in extreme poverty.

“The time when we entered Kabul, and when the Americans left, those were moments of joy,” Hekmat, now a member of the special forces guarding the presidential palace, was quoted by AFP in its report.

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