Taliban Urges Hindus, Sikhs To Return To Afghanistan

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Mumbai: As it claimed that the security situation in Afghanistan has been solved, the Taliban urged Hindus and Sikhs to return to Afghanistan.

The statement comes after the Director General of the Office of the Taliban’s Minister of State, Dr Mullah Abdul Wasi, met with several members of the Hindu and Sikh Council of Afghanistan on July 24, and tweeted the Office of the Chief of Staff of Afghanistan.

Wasi met a delegation of Hindu and Sikh leaders in Kabul and reminded all Indian and Sikh compatriots who may leave the country due to security problems and return to Afghanistan now as security has been established in the country.

According to a Taliban release, the Sikh leaders thanked the Taliban for preventing the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) attack on the gurdwara in Kabul.

Religious minorities in Afghanistan, including the Sikh community, have been the target of violence in Afghanistan.

In October last year, 15 to 20 terrorists entered a gurdwara in Kabul’s Kartar-e-Parwan district and tied up the guards.

In March 2020, there was a deadly attack on Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Gurdwara in the Short Bazar area of ​​Kabul in which 27 Sikhs were killed and many were injured. Islamic State militants have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Meanwhile, the Taliban-led Afghan government has decided to renovate Gurdwara Karta Parwan in Kabul, which was damaged in a terror attack.

Sources reveal that a high-level delegation from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MoI) made several visits to the gurdwara to offer condolences to the families of the victims.

A technical team was also assigned to assess the level of damage caused to the last remaining functioning Sikh Gurdwara in the capital city. It is revealed that the government will spend a sum of 7.5 million Afghani to renovate the building.

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