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Target Accounts: The New Age Of Learning Stock Market Analysis

With thousands of Students and Lakhs of followers, many are learning from the qualified professional team i.e., Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Economist of Target Accounts on Instagram.

“Stock Market is a complicated subject but when it can be learned by Qualified professionals with years-long experience, it becomes a different story, it becomes way too simple to understand”, said one of the students of Target Accounts, when asked. Well, no wonder a 12 Years of Experience by CEO of Target accounts, Mr. Sanjay Jaswani, and his professionalism in Economics and Accountancy add onto the accuracy towards Stock Market and he teaches it with ease.

Sanjay started his earning from the age of 14 and he started investing in the Stock market from the age of 15 in his parents’ Demat account, which he doesn’t suggest doing without knowledge. He started getting profits very soon and opened NGO for young Girls and Boys who can’t afford to pay for their higher education.

Target Accounts CEO, Sanjay Jaswani was also awarded many times because of these enormous works and continuous effort towards uplifting society. He is also bestowed with many awards for his teaching skills and his bestseller book “How to avoid Loss & make money while Sleeping”, which is an eye-opener for many including us.

Talking about his expertise and recent trends in the market, he says, “People shall invest in Stock Market, 60-70% of the consumption done by whole Indian Population is from top 100 Companies of Stock Market which is also known as Nifty 50 & Nifty Next 50, biggest indexes of our Stock Market, so, why not to invest in these companies? We have bank accounts in companies like  Axis Bank, Sbi, HDFC, Kotak Mahindra and we are consuming products like Maggie from companies like Nestle then why not invest in it? The benefit is going to be huge for our Economy and the Employment rate of our country”.

He adds, that many people think that we should hold a company for very long or for a lifetime, which is not the truth every time. According to him, every stock, sector has its cycle and with simple technical analysis people can understand easily where to take entry and take the exit at correct timings and invest the same profit in other stocks and it goes on and on, let the money make more money and multiply it.

According to Target Accounts, they trade only on Thursday and invests the profits in stocks for trading or investment purposes, so that it can compound. Looking onto their commendable consistency many call them Thursday King, Warren Buffet of Thursday, or Thursday Monarch. They say that trading on specific dates is good rather than trading daily, working less with less screen time is also a solution for a healthy and profitable life.

Sanjay praise that there must be celebration days, weeks, and months for financial literacy as well Like Diwali!. Target Accounts also have a tagline “Happy Financial Independence”, which shows their love towards the nation and Financial Literacy. You can follow them on Instagram @targetaccounts @Investorgirl1998 @sharemarket_in_hindi. Jai Hind!

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