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Terror Alert: Gujarat Police Deployed On Indo-Pak Border At Kutch

Mumbai: India is all set to witness it’s 72nd Independence Day, but terror alert has been issued by the Intelligence Bureau (IB) to Gujarat Police about terrorist intrusion via Indo-Pak border at Kutch.

Marine and border police have also been deployed on these border areas.

SP Karikshit Rathore of East Kutch said, “We have taken the necessary steps to ensure that no infiltration occurs. More maritime and border police teams have been deployed on the border areas. We have also allowed the border residents and fishermen to find any In case of suspicious vehicle/boat or any person being alerted to notify us. Also, the investigation of the vehicle is going on.”

In view of the alert, the Deputy Commissioner of Police of the state has instructed all officers to keep their weapons with them at all times.

Sources have also suggested that Islamic State and Pakistan-backed radical terrorist organizations may target crowded places such as bus stops, railway stations, airports, and other important locations.

The IB was of the view that the government’s decision to repeal Article 370 in the Valley angered IS. Recently, reports were made about the presence of some sleeper modules supported by the Taliban in India.

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