Terrorist Groups Threatened Kashmiri’s Against Opening Shops

Mumbai: On Friday the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan declared that if other countries didn’t mediate Pakistan would initiate a war. Not even after 24 hours of announcement posters warning the Kashmiri women and other locals to not step out of the house were posted in the valley. The terrorists have threatened that the Kashmiris should not open their shops and schools in various regions of Kashmir.

The posters said that the militants had the registration number of few vehicles that use a certain road. It read, “We have registration numbers of certain private vehicles that are still playing on the roads and we issue a final warning to their owners. No school should be opened. No woman should be seen on the road. Keep your womenfolk inside your house.”

It considered that the posters are produced and circulated by the terrorist organizations like Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-e-Taliban. An Army official also said that the traders have been warned from carrying out any trade in the valley region.

Several reports citing terrorists killing shopkeepers in Kashmir have been reported. On Thursday three terrorists killed a 65-year-old shopkeeper in the outskirts of Srinagar. On 24th August Terrorists threatened traders in Anantnag against opening their shops. On 27th they warned that if the shops were opened, they will be burnt.

It is said that Pakistan is fueling the terrorism in  Jammu and Kashmir state as an opposition to the Indian government’s decision of abrogating the article 370. The Pakistan’s PM on several occasions have announced that if it becomes necessary Pakistan will fight a war against India. And the Pakistani Railway Minister, too, supported their PM by saying that if the war ever happens it will be “the last war between India and Pakistan.”

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