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The Company Vision And Purpose Statements Are The Ultimate Guidelines To Progress: Ali Merchant, Founder And CEO, AM Infoweb

Commitment to work comes from a place of understanding and willingness to help, asserts Ali Merchant, Founder and CEO of AM Infoweb.

A passionpreneur to the core alongside being a philanthropist, a life coach – CEO of AM Infoweb, India’s leading Health Information Management Outsourcing Company, Mr. Ali Merchant is one of the most accomplished and determined business leaders among his contemporaries. He is not just known for his success but also for his business acumen and insightful blogs and tips that have bolstered the spirit and career of many professionals. Here is an excerpt from an interview where he shared valuable insights on what is true resilience.

Ali, you’ve come a long way and over the years, you have defined success in your own terms. So how do you manage to sustain the growth curve even amidst such testing times for business globally?

Ali states, “If I have to share that one important element that helps me stay on track at all times, then I’d say – PROGRESS. I know it sounds obvious, but my idea is to achieve progress every single day. Each day is valuable and has the potential to take you closer to your goals. I won’t speak about wide leaps and high jumps when it comes to progress. Because taking baby steps even when it seems difficult is crucial. Never quit trying.”

And how do you ensure that there is notable progress achieved every single day? Sounds like a herculean task to us!

He says, “That is what company vision, mission, and purpose statements are designed for. They are the ultimate guidelines for progress. And relevant objectives are developed around those goals to help each employee understand the required plan of action and perform them each day.”

“The purpose of AM Infoweb is to make legal aid, healthcare and insurance affordable to all by minimizing the operations cost of our clients. So, we have designed our infrastructure and streamlined our processes in adherence to the stated purpose and our professionals are trained to act in compliance with the designed protocols. Above all, commitment to work comes from a place of understanding and willingness to help. Hence, our professionals are clearly informed of how every task contributes to making the life of a person seeking insurance or legal aid easier. So, our employee motto is-

Remember it is not just a medical record you are managing, summarizing, retrieving or a task you are performing to get a paycheque. It is someone’s life you are touching; Every action you take today might MAKE or BREAK Someone’s LIFE.”

That’s an impressive motto with humility and compassion that is sure to fire up any individual to work harder!

It definitely is a huge accomplishment to align every single employee to the organizational goals because we know how challenging it can be.

“We need to always remember that even amidst the most trying times, focus on doing your bit each day. It could be simply achieving your daily target, or sometimes pushing it a bit further to achieve more and add more value to your work, try and improvise on aspects that seem to call for more work, think of new ideas to boost your growth. We firmly believe that the growth of one individual implies the growth of the organization as a whole. So, focus on taking smaller steps without stopping at any point, and you will realize how much it boosts your journey to the top. After all, it’s a known fact that – Slow and steady wins the race!”

It has been an absolute delight to talk with and know the secret behind the resilient AM Infoweb Head – Ali Merchant. He has disclosed facts that sound seemingly obvious but have paved the way for bigger things in his career. Readers, take note!

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