The Epstein Victims Might File A Law Suit Against Financers Estate

Mumbai: The women who claimed to be sexually abused by the multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein will now be filing a lawsuit against his estate. The 66-year-old paedophile was found dead in his prison cell on Saturday, due to which many of his victims claim that the judiciary couldn’t deliver them justice.

As per the new New York State law, it is possible to pursue decades-old claims of abuse. And while taking advantage of this law the lawyers of some of the victims who just came out now have decided to take advantage of the law. According to Reuters, the Los Angeles attorney, Lisa Bloom who represented two victim women is intending to promptly file those civil claims. Another attorney, Roberta Kaplan said she plans to file the case on Wednesday.

The Child victim act lets people sue their accusers over allegations of sexual abuse, no matter when the act had taken place.

The financer, Epstein once was great friends with the now Republican President Donald Trump and Former Democratic President Bill Clinton. Prince Andrew, another friend of Epstein was also accused of harassing a minor, Giuffre.

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell on Saturday by committing suicide just a day after his unsealed documents were opened for the world to see. The accused had once found unresponsive a week before he died due to self-harm. The suicide had brought in many angry voices of the victim women. According to them, the state law has failed to deliver justice and the accused found an easy way out of the whole situation.
Epstein was prisoned on July 2019 for alleged sex trafficking of minor girls.

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