The Essence Of Reading

World Book and Copyright Day 2021: Every year on April 23, World Book Day, also known as World Book and Copyright Day, is commemorated around the world. The aim of World Book Day is to recognize and encourage the benefits of reading, writing, and copyright

When was the last time you felt free and liberated? When your parents allowed you to that late-night birthday party? Or when your dad sent you for a vacation with your friends? Or maybe, when you started earning with a secured job and became independent? So, how long did that sense of freedom stay? Probably when you were back in the morning from that party, or when you came home after a 5-day vacation? Or maybe when you realized that whatever you had earned isn’t enough? Wasn’t it a temporary feeling?

We as humans tend to run behind short term happiness and once that is gone, we are back to square one. Without realizing the fact that this long-term happiness can last forever with one thing and that is Reading.

In the fast-pacing digitalized world, books aren’t given much importance. Especially by the young generation. They fail to understand the essence of reading and what books can give them as becoming better humans. Sadly, the reading culture is gradually diminishing. If given a choice, we would always choose to stay with our smartphones rather than books at any given point.

The existence of books dates back between the 618 and 907 AD period of the Tang Dynasty. Although the data isn’t clear, it is believed that books started first in China. Later the invention of the printing press led to the growth of book printing and reading. Considering history, books were immensely popular until the internet and broadcast media took over.

Though technology has taken over and digitalization provides us with easier and attractive techniques to gain knowledge, it cannot be compared to what books give. No amount of source can give you the knowledge that a book can give. Starting from our holy scripts to modern-day education, books share an ocean of knowledge that is passed on from generations.

It is said, “Outside of a Dog, a book is man’s best friend”.

Books give you the power of imagination, a sense of freedom to explore and to gain knowledge. We are only restricted to the degree that our imagination is restricted. Rather than simply saving images from small screens in memory, our minds construct creative images in our heads when we learn about unknown facts. As a result, reading helps to improve our minds’ imagination and creativity.

Reading provides us with new information. True, what we experience gives us the best feeling, but it is difficult to be everywhere and try anything in daily life. Humans are the only organisms on the planet capable of transmitting information and knowledge through generations. We are the only creatures with a written language! It enabled us to quickly pass knowledge and evolve, which, in this era of technological development, already exceeds our wildest dreams.

On today’s occasion of World Book Day, celebrated by UNESCO and all over the world, promise yourself to build the habit of reading and I promise you will explore the unknown side of yourself that will help you become a true form of a human being.

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