The #MeToo Movement Was Historic, Revolutionary”: Ranveer Singh

Pune : Leaving its impact all over the country, #Metoo has been the talk of the town in recent context. Many celebrities and public idols have spoke on it.

According to Ranveer Singh #MeToo was historic, speaking about it on the Times Network India Economic Conclave 2018, Ranveer shared, “The #MeToo movement was historic, revolutionary. It has made guys take stock and think and that itself is a big thing. It has been hugely impactful and significant”.

Talking of the revolutionary previous month, he further said, “It was happening all too fast and quickly. It was a revolution. You had perpetrators who aren’t working anymore. It made a huge impact from where I stand. In my perception, what the movement should have done, I think it has. It has changed to a large extent the way men think.”

Ranveer also further stated about need for men and women thinking is to be changed, “Every man thinks twice, they are afraid. They think if they do something wrong, it is going to be called out. It had made a huge impact at the ground level. We have, for the longest time, lived in a patriarchal society. Men feel very entitled in their species, in my surroundings at least. Fortunately, I have had an upbringing, my father has always been out, so I was raised by four women, mother, sister, grandmother and great grandmother, so I have a different way of looking at it”

I also studied in America where gender dynamics are very different, the outlook and view on sex is very different. I have had that kind of exposure. I have seen guys who have a sense of entitlement that is deeply ingrained in them and they laugh at you if you tell them otherwise” he said.

He further expressed to work for setting an example, “I am hoping as a thought leader to contribute towards some positive change by just leading in example I am hoping I make some change. It’s too slow moving. These things have to start from foundational, fundamental level. Parents need to pass on to kids and schools to students. What you understand of the world and the interactions while growing up” he added.

The movement was erupted by Tanushree Dutta allegating Nana Patekar which further spread on to MJ Akbar, Vikas Bahl, Alok Nath, Sajid Khan, Justin Das and also recently roped artist Subodh Gupta.

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