The Poster Boy Gets A Shot During The Air Fire In Birthday Celebration – Kalyan (Dwarli)

Mumbai: Posterboy named famous builder Kiran chikankar had his birthday celebration on Sunday. There was so much rush of youngsters that bodyguards fired in the air to protect his boss. During this firing, Sanket made got shot and urgently admitted in nearby hospital.

As he was well known in his area, that his birthday hoardings were tied up from the newly near Kalyan. He had just neglected the rules and regulations of the government and his party DJ was tuned also after the 10 PM in the loud voice and police also didn’t interrupt him. There were lots of political members as well as the gangster present in large amounts at that party.

The gangster Bhavesh Bhoir who recently had a case of half murder in bhiwandi and for that, he was jailed also attended this party. After being released from jail, he got his own team of bodyguards and started spreading threats among the people with them.

He had so much craze in youngsters that while he came to party his bodyguards need to fire in the air to protect his boss, doubted by the police due to which police arrested Kiran Chikankar and 25 others and filled a case against them.

As there was a birthday celebration, many youngsters caught this moment in their phones but, but Kiran Chikankar vanished video’s and also the CCTV footage of his birthday celebration. He had also used his political power to close this case. But the incident was spread as fire due to which police filed a case and started investigation urgently. There is also a doubt that other bodyguards also fired around in the air.

Police had arrested the Bhavesh Bhoir and his bodyguards, and finding others who had been doubting by them.

This case was registered under the section of 307. The victims Sanjay Jadhav was arrested and got to the Chopda court in Ulhasnagar and told to be under police custody till 9 November.

There will be a strict investigation in this case ahead and will not relieve any of the victims the senior inspector Desle said.

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