The US Has ” Very Good ” Relationship With India – Donald Trump

Mumbai:  Trump, who has accepted an invitation from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to travel to India, said that he would be going there at some point in time. Trump also stated that the relation between the US – India is “very good”  and there will be lots of things happening between these two countries regarding economic deals.

While talking about the progress of trade with India at South Lawn of the White House he told reporters that, “We have a lot of things happening with India. We have a very good relationship with India.”

Trump, during his meeting with Modi in New York in September, said the two countries are working on a trade deal.

While referring to the great historic ‘Howdy Modi ‘event in Houston in September, “We are dealing with India on lots of different things. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a very great friend of mine. you saw me at Houston. We have a lot of things are happening with India,” Trump said.

New Delhi and Washington are engaged in talks to resolve the trade tensions between the two countries. US President Donald Trump revoked preferential trade privileges, in which there will be 28 products including almonds and apples at which tariff will be imposed. India has been the biggest beneficiary of the Generalised System of Preferences (GSP), a program designed to help developing countries to sell to US consumers.

It was “great,” the President said. Asked about his plans to visit India, he said: “I will be going at some point to India”.

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