The Violence Will Push Hong Kong To A Path Of No Return: Carrie Lam

Mumbai: With the increasing violence in the semiautonomous Hong Kong city, the stocks have tumbled down considerably on Tuesday. The protests have led to increasing uncertainty in political and economic affairs.

According to the Reuters, Hong Kong Leader on Tuesday said that the violent activities by the protestors were taking a toll on the city’s overall safety, peace and fortune.

“Lawbreaking activities in the name of freedom” were damaging the rule of law and that the recovery of Hong Kong because of the anti-government protests can take a long time, said the Hong Kong leader. “Violence, no matter if it’s using violence or condoning violence, will push Hong Kong to a path of no return, will put the Hong Kong society in a very worrying and dangerous situation.”

She further added, “The situation in Hong Kong in the past week has made me very worried that we have reached this dangerous situation.”

China too had said that the protests worry them and that they could see the seeds of terrorism sprouting in Hong Kong. The protests that started against the extradition law has taken a new face and now the protestors are demanding democracy and resignation of the current leader Carrie lam.

The Hong Kong and Macau Affairs office spokesperson Yang Guang in Beijing said, “Protestors gave been frequently using extremely dangerous tools to attack the police in recent days, considering serious crimes with sprouts of terrorism emerging.”

When the reporters asked the Hong Kong leader, about the police’s violent attack on the protestors, she dodged the question and instead asked everyone to calm down, “I again ask everyone to put aside your difference and calm down.”

On Tuesday the protestors resumed their positions on the airport and started peacefully chanting the slogans and distributing pamphlets. The airport authorities though cancelled over 200 flights in and out on Tuesday even when the protestors claimed to be peaceful throughout the five days of the sit-in protest. The cancellation will stretch to the evening and only a few flights will be restarted for passengers.

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