The Wonder Woman Behind The Wow Factor, Lopamudra Banerjee

A huge respect for Malala Yousafzai, for her noble cause that she is bravely fighting for

Mumbai: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts,” if Lopamudra Banerjee’s career had to be summed up in one line, this would be apt.

She has scaled great heights and has broken many barriers when she chooses to switch from a 9 to 5 job to a sought after health coach today. Her transformation from a corporate executive to a personal and professional trainer was not easy or fast.

Lopamudra Banerjee is known as a very dynamic person and known for attracting people with her cheerful and cheerful attitude. Along with this, her hard work and dedication gave her success and identity. Recently, she has received excellence and fitness award for the year 2018 provided by the Karnataka Women Achievers Association. She is a certified Reebok Instructor Alliance, cardio interval, professionally certified.

Speaking with The Prevalent India  Lopamudra Banerjee spoke about her journey and also stated that women’s should Eat healthily, stay hydrated, exercise and seek help when needed.

What does International Woman’s Day mean to you?

International woman’s day is a day when women are celebrated everywhere. It is a sad reality that they are celebrated only for one day in the entire year when they work and contribute so much to society as a whole. It is unimaginable to be as evolved a civilization we are today, without the tremendous contribution of women.

What does it mean to be a woman in the part of the world and society you live in?

I feel very proud to be a woman in my country. The society is not always fair with women and there is numerous situation which tests our mental and physical strengths. Oddly enough, those problems and difficulties make us stronger and more resilient! I truly believe every woman should be proud of herself and for everything she had achieved.

Which women are you inspired by in your local community, and globe?

I follow Deanne Pandey in India. She is really an inspiration. At 50 she is still fit and in shape. Globally I love Jennifer Lopez who has fought body shaming and carries herself with confidence. Both these women have carved a permanent spot for themselves against all odds and they are certainly an inspiration to all women.

What taboos related to the theme of women do you wish were broken?

Body shaming. This issue is very important and people need to realize that this has to be stopped immediately as it affects people in ways you cannot believe. Destroying their confidence and very being. Everybody is different and every person is different, let us learn to respect that.

What made you enter the fitness industry and did you received support from your family?

A Colleague of mine encouraged me to take part in the Gladrags Mrs India contest, to which I did not agree initially. However what I learnt about the contest that they not only look at physical fitness but also many other things like confidence, intelligence, poise and elegance.

After being a finalist in the contest, I decided to do the career switch when I met women from various challenging and different backgrounds participate and aiming to win. There were women who were suffering and going through a lot in their life and they were there! Those made me think about what am I doing with my life? Then after coming back, I decided to look after myself and my family and plunge into doing what I love best.

Then I started focusing more on my health and fitness and started training myself in intense workout session every single day. I was felt encouraged when people in my apartment came up to me asking for nutrition and workout advice. So that is how I decided that I can actually make a career in fitness.

You have been recently awarded excellence and fitness award of 2018 How was the feeling?

I was overwhelmed! I couldn’t even believe this was happening. My whole family and friends support group were very happy, especially my husband and daughter who have always been my biggest cheerleaders. I feel like I have a responsibility and should work harder and help more people to stay fit and healthy. I am glad that I can help people to become better and healthier every day.

Who’s work do you admire in relation to women’s rights and equality?

Malala Yousafzai. She is the youngest Nobel Prize laureate. She is an activist for female education and also advocates human rights. I am in awe of her and have massive respect for her noble cause that she is bravely fighting for.

What role or impact would you like to play in relation to women’s rights, today?

I would want to put an end to body shaming. Body shaming breaks people from within and it disturbs them greatly. People should know that each and every person is unique and lovely. So yes, I will contribute towards preventing body shaming and making people realize that they are beautiful on the outside and on the inside.

What message you would like to give other women’s out there on this special occasion of Women’s Day?

Remember that you are beautiful and love yourself. Prioritize your health and do not compromise on it for any reason. Eat healthily, stay hydrated, exercise and seek help when needed. Believe you can and you are already halfway there!

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