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Those Who Think To Harm Dignity Of Our Mothers And Sisters Will Be ‘Destroyed’ Completely: Yogi Adityanath

Mumbai: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday said that his government is committed to ensuring the safety of women, adding that those who harm the dignity of ‘mothers and sisters’ in the state will be ‘destroyed’ and given exemplary punishment.

“Those who think to harm the honor of our mothers and sisters will be completely destroyed. They will be punished such that it will serve as an example in the future. Your UP government is committed to the safety and security of every mother and sister. This is our promise, our determination,” Adityanath said in a tweet in Hindi.

The Chief Minister’s assurance came amidst huge political uproar over the alleged gang rape and death of the victim in the Hathras case

The victim of Hathras died in Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi. The postmortem report stated that the victim had a “C6 cervical vertebra” fracture and “dissipation of blood along the fracture line” and “conflict with ascending edema” in the underlying spinal cord. However, there is no mention of rape in the report.

The Adityanath government has ordered the Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the Hathras incident.

Further Yogi Aditynath said that those who do not like development, want to incite ethnic and communal riots.

“People who don’t like development want to incite ethnic and communal riots. They will have a chance to bake political loaves under the cover of these riots, so they keep on plotting,” he said. 

In another tweet, Adityanath said, “It is possible to solve the biggest problems through dialogue and dialogue in the ‘new Uttar Pradesh’ is the only way to solve the problems. The state police still have to be sensitive and proactive in dealing with cases linked to women and ST and SC.”

He reviewed the preparations for the by-election while interacting with party workers and leaders at the Mandal, sector, and booth level. The Chief Minister also said that due to Corona, the election this time will be completely different.

He said, “There will not be large gatherings. Therefore, the entire focus should be on a door-to-door campaign by forming teams of four to five people. The public and state governments have acted in the public interest.” Have to tell the public. Also tell people that till now we have fulfilled the dream of government jobs to more than three lakh youth, while the government is going to give more government jobs soon.”

The Chief Minister made these remarks while interacting with the party workers and leaders at Mandal, sector, and booth levels through video conference on Sunday.

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