‘Thou Shalt Not Steel’ Brings to us the Story of the Iconic Steel Flyover Movement

The Garden city, Bengaluru is known for its beauty, weather and dosas. What ensued that fateful October in 2016 will forever define the love the people of the city have for the place they call home. The 2016 uproar towards the construction of a steel flyover in the city is now the subject of a soon to release documentary film.

Faces of Bengaluru presents to you “Thou Shalt Not steel”, A Documentary on how Bengaluru came together to save their city

The film takes the audience on a visual journey of the Bangalore’s ‘Steel Flyover Beda‘ protest, which literally translates to We dont want a steel flyover. The bustling city of Bangalore is home to great coffee, working professionals and many cultural intricacies that make the city unique. In 2016 a big part of what makes Bangalore, ‘Bengaluru‘ was threatened by an ambitious project the Government wanted sanctioned to improve congestion in the city. What started out as a dream project quickly turned into a commentary of what the regular joe wants; to protect their city.

The proposed flyover, which was aimed at reducing traffic congestion, was estimated to cost around Rs. 1,800 crore and would have connected Basaveshwara Circle to Hebbal Flyover and would be a 6.7 km steel flyover. ‘Thou Shalt Not Steel‘ gets to the point right away and gives the emotions of the people a face and a voice. The simple documentary made by young Bengalureans is the essence of how the people of Bengaluru feel about their city. The documentary addresses a lot of the fears of the people and how they felt during the protests. The speakers of the film include prominent personalities like Prakash Belawadi, Pawan Kumar, MD Pallavi & more, who had a pivotal role to play in turning this film into a reality and helped weave the narrative for this movement along with Mr. Naresh & co. from Citizens of Bengaluru.

Known to be a generally quiet and mellow city that very much reflects its unique identity, the protests were a benchmark of community building and resilience which birthed many other movements to come. The film very factually and beautifully addresses the ground level realities of how large ambitious projects that threaten the ecosystem affect people and make them feel. A tale of unity and courage told with simplicity and heart, Thou Shalt Not Steel is an open love letter to Bengaluru, its people, their grit and determination in protecting their city and the environment. The makers wanted to tell the story of the True Blue Bangalorean across demographics and the city and how they came together to say ‘No’ to what did not align with their larger principles.

On the project, Vikas Badiger, Founder, Faces of Bengaluru (FoB), says, “We wanted to tell this story the way we heard it. Growing up as a young man you often find yourself looking for great stories to inspire you. We are always looking for a hero, what we dont realise is a hero is not always someone who flings from building to building. Most times heroes are ordinary people fighting extraordinary battles. The steel flyover protest is very representative of that. The movement and the sincerity of the people behind the movement inspired me, it made me believe you can be a part of something bigger than yourself. We wanted to tell a Tru Blu Bangalore story. People across demographics, across the city came together to say no and to take a stand. It was truly visceral to live that experience again through our film. We wanted young people to know about this and learn from it, we wanted to tell this story purely because it inspired us and made us believe in the power of the common man.”

The film releases soon and is touted to be one of the most thought provoking movies focused on participative democracy and community driven ambition. The film promises all heart, the power of the common man and showcases the dedication of a true blue Bengalurean whose love for their city precedes everything else.

About Faces of Bengaluru

The film is produced by FoB Media Co. FoB Media Co., started out as Faces of Bengaluru, a hyper-local passion project which has now grown into a media startup, looking to change the way Indians consume content and perceive reality. FoB was started by Vikas Badiger – Director & Producer, a passionate disruptor who started this journey to make a difference through the power of art. Portraying the cityscape realities through young voices that matter, FoB truly believes in the power of demonstrative and action oriented goals.

Trailer: www.youtube.com/watchv=TTs4RPxGVjc

Ticket booking Link: in.bookmyshow.com/events/thou-shalt-not-steel-documentary/ET00354757.

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