Top AI-Business Degrees In Canada

The world is constantly changing as new technology pushes us to adapt, and artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest forces to do so. It affects how we communicate, live, work, commute – even how we procreate. But acknowledging how integrated it is in our lives is the key to helping us appreciate it.

The Vector Institute, a Canadian organization that focuses on AI and how it can cultivate better experiences, understands this and works to support the field so it can improve the lives of Canadians and populations all over the world. The Vector Institute is so convinced of AI’s importance, in fact, that it recognizes Masters programs in Ontario-based universities that strengthen its mission. These programs ensure that future graduates become future authorities on AI and will use their expertise to make ethical and carefully considered decisions.

Recognized programs are determined based on their curricula, which teach methodologies and algorithms, communication and collaboration with colleagues, and the application of AI to ethics and society. Students who attend these programs receive more than just a comprehensive education, though – they also are eligible for scholarships and have an “in” with networking opportunities and internships.

Some Canadian universities are looking even further into the future and realizing that AI technologies and their impact don’t exist in a vacuum, and leaders will need to be attentive to how it affects multiple industries. These universities have begun to offer Masters programs in AI through their business school so that students can learn technical skills in the context of real and meaningful business problems.

Here are some of the top AI-Business Master’s programs recognized by the Vector Institute:

Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
Queen’s University, Smith School of Business

Students earning a Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence at Queen’s University become experts in technical skills but also learn how to incorporate those skills into decision making. The program teaches critical thinking and teamwork, as well as a deep understanding of how AI plays a role in all aspects of society, ethics, and the economy. Plus, because it’s part of the Smith School of Business, students learn basic tenets of business terms and strategies so they can fully appreciate the importance of analyzing AI and its effects.

Master of Management Analytics
The University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management

For candidates who want to study data with a nod towards management, the Master of Management Analytics degree is ideal. The general program first teaches theoretical knowledge and analytical data and then guides students to apply that information to solve managerial problems. Several unique courses also offer hands-on educational opportunities: The Analytics Colloquia offers mini-courses discussing current issues, the Management Analytics Practicum provides students with a real-life business problem to solve, and various tools such as SAS, SQL, R, and Python are a mainstay of the curriculum.

Master of Business Analytics
York University, Schulich School of Business

Earning a Master of Business Analytics degree from York University provides students with two-for-one credentials. First, students obtain an exceptional command of data so they can be successful in fields such as insurance, healthcare, banking, technology, and more. This knowledge is bolstered during the Analytics Consulting Project when students team up with industry leaders to complete an analytics project. And as a bonus, graduates of this program also earn SAS certification.

Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence
York University, Schulich School of Business

This program teaches all the relevant tools and technologies of AI as the basis for a comprehensive and extensive mastery of the topic. Students further learn how to apply their knowledge to develop new AI-technologies while considering ethical and societal issues around every part of the process. The culmination of students’ education is the Artificial Intelligence Consulting Project, which challenges students to solve a business problem using their AI-related skills.

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