“Touch Kaise Kiya” Ranu Mondal Was Annoyed After A Fan Touches Her For Selfie

Mumbai: Ranu Mondal has become the latest singing sensation in India and right now, she is not just an ordinary person. Ranu Mondal was seen singing a popular song “Yeh Pyaar Ka Nagma Hai” that was sung by Lata Mangeshkar and she was singing it at the Ranaghat railway station in Kolkata.

Indian singer Himesh Reshammiya give a breakthrough to Ranu Mondal and released her music video at a grand event in Mumbai. After that Ranu Mondal recorded more singles with Himesh.

But recently Ranu Mondal has done something that shocked her fans. On the recent video, that has surfaced on the internet, we can see Ranu Mondal doing something that we never expected from her side. In a video, a woman from the crowd reaches at Ranu Mandal to take a selfie and same time she touches Ranu to call her. Ranu Mandal saw getting angry on her and she saying ‘Touch kyu Kiya’. Ranu Mandal has become just like other celebrities who got glamour overnight and had no sense this glamour she had is just because of her fans and Himesh who admired her talent.

The majority of people like the success journey of Ranu Mandal but after seeing this video, her fans are really upset. There are a lot of discussions regarding this incident, twitter has already started trolling her for this kind of behaviour.

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