Trump Takes A U-Turn, Says India Rejected Help Of Being Mediator

Mumbai: The US President Donald Trump was again spotted contradicting his own statements. According to Donald Trump, the US had asked Indian Prime Minister if India needed help for sorting its ancestral dispute with Pakistan, but India rejected the offer and hence the US president couldn’t do a thing.

A few days before in a meeting with Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan Donald Trump said he would be glad to mediate in the matters between India and Pakistan with respect to the Jammu and Kashmir dispute. To the top of it he also added that Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi himself has asked help to mediate.

“So I was with Prime Minister Modi two weeks ago and we talked about this subject. And he actually said, would you like to be mediator or arbitrator? Did I say, where? He said, Kashmir, Because this has been going on for many, many years. I was surprised by how long this has been going on.”

This, claim, however, didn’t come out as believable owing to India’s firm determination to keep any foreign mediation away from this topic. And if this claim would have been true, it would have been a backstab to all the Indians. But the Indian denial came swiftly after Trump made this claim.

Soon enough, another tweet came by the US president stating that he will mediate only if India and Pakistan both agree to accept the offer of mediation.

And the latest statement comes out from Mr Trump is that India has denied accepting the mediation offer. Now the critiques are confused if Indian PM has himself asked for mediation then how will they reject the offer.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the US president stumble on his own feet with the statements he had delivered. A news report by Washington Post claims that Mr Trump has made as many as 1200 misleading comments about the internal and external affairs of the USA and the foreign affairs, in recent days.

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