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Two Deeds Signed Betwixt India-Costa Rica Through Vice President Naidu’s Visit

Mumbai: Vice President Venkaiah Naidu is on his visit to Costa Rica, a country in Central America. He signed two documents on his visits which is still 9th March, started on 7th March.

Naidu’s official Twitter account termed, “Noting the exchange of Memorandum Of Understanding (MoU) in linking with India Cost Rica on Granting Visa and official passport and signing the letter to cooperate so that to aim in the field of Biotechnology.”

The account further stated, from the last few decennaries India has been a victim of terrorism through his border. India is a peace adoring country and stands to counter terrorism. We explored in detail about terrorism and the threat of it. There is a requirement to stand in one voice countering pursuit of terror groups and Individuals’.

On Friday, the deed was signed and interchange betwixt Vice President Naidu and Costa Rica’s President Carlos Alvarado Quesada.

While following the designated level tasks, he said, ‘Rooting on this profitable interchange, We are assured that the efforts from both the countries will open up creative aspects on the engagement between both the nations’.

Vice President Naidu on Thursday was delegated with an Honorary Doctorate Degree by the University Of Peace which is founded by The designated United Nations (UN). He got this degree for his contribution towards, ‘To The Rule Of Law, Democracy and Sustainable Development In India’.

He is scheduled to depart on 9th March from his first-class high bench visit of five days to Paraguay in South America and Costa Rica to Central America.

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