UAE Showed Their Gratitude Towards New Zealand By Projecting Picture Of PM Jacinda Ardern At Burj Khalifa

Mumbai: On Friday night in the respect of Jacinda Ardern New Zealand Prime Minister’s photo in Hijab was posted on world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in United Arab Emirates(UAE) for her constant support to the Muslim community in the last week Christchurch attack.

Prime Minister of UAE, HH Sheikh Muhammad tweeted saying, “New Zealand today fell silent in honour of the mosque attacks’ martyrs. Thank you PM Jacinda Ardern and New Zealand for your sincere empathy and support that has won the respect of 1.5 billion Muslims after the terrorist attack that shook the Muslim community around the world.”

The worst ever mass shooting happened in New Zealand on Friday that headed death of around 50 people. There was an open fire in 2 mosques Christchurch while people were having their prayers.

On Friday 2 minutes of silence was observed in the state. In Wellington, thousands of swarm of people marked their presence around the mosques during Jummah (Friday prayers).

New Zealand police has detained a 28-year-old boy in suspect of the mass gun shooting named Brenton Harrison Tarrant. PM Jacinda has raised a strong issue in front of the United Nations (UN) the support of the Muslim community.

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